Advantis Corp. Forges New Trail In Cannabis Extraction, Developing New Product Lines

November 15, 2016

NEWPORT BEACH, CA ADVT, (Marketwired Nov 14, 2016) ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) Advantis Corp begins selling its revolutionary Rosin 6 press and develops new cannabis concentrate product lines. Advantis Corp announced the full-scale launch of their highly anticipated Rosin Press extraction technology and the response has been overwhelming. Advantis CEO Christopher Swartz said, In our first full week of marketing the Rosin 6 we have already created alliances with wholesale distribution channels and a handful of dispensary


MyDx CEO Sees Emerging Cannabis Industry Attracting Top Tech Talent and Innovation to Sustain Rapid Growth

October 17, 2016

LA JOLLA, Calif., Oct. 17, 2016, MYDX, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) MyDx, Inc. (OTCQB:MYDX), a rapidly growing chemical detection company and makers of MyDx®, the first handheld chemical analyzer for consumers, today announced that while speaking as part of a panel, its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel R. Yazbeck, noted that due to the cannabis industry’s rapid growth and mainstream acceptance, it is attracting some of the most innovative, high-tech and even traditional senior-level executives in addition to billions of

General Cannabis Corporation Provides Update About Promotional Activity Concerning Its Common Stock

October 14, 2016

DENVER, Oct. 14, 2016, CANN, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) General Cannabis Corporation (OTCQB:CANN), following up on its previous announcement that it has been made aware of recent trading and promotional activity concerning CANN common stock, today announced that it had been informed by the OTC Markets that is the source of the unsolicited promotional newsletter emails. The OTC Markets, as part of its ongoing dialogue with General Cannabis regarding certain promotional activities concerning the Company and its common stock, informed

North American Cannabis Holdings Announces Preliminary Annual Forecast of $2 Million in Revenue for 2017 Following Close of Estimated $500,000 For Fiscal 2016

July 12, 2016

DALLAS, July 12, 2016, USMJ, /PRNewswire/ North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) today announced a preliminary revenue forecast of $2 million for the next fiscal year. The Company s fiscal year-end is June 30. After reporting $377,000 in revenue through the third quarter ending March 31, 2016 and combining an initial tabulation of results for the fourth quarter, management estimates revenue for fiscal year 2016 at approximately $500,000. North American Cannabis Holdings exceeded its 2016 revenue forecast by approximately 20%, The post North American Cannabis Holdings Announces Preliminary Annual Forecast of $2 Million in Revenue for 2017 Following Close of Estimated $500,000 For Fiscal 2016 appeared first on Public Wire.

Marijuana Company of America Partners With Cannabis Career Institute to Develop Online Cannabis Education Platform

May 12, 2016

BONSALL, CA (Marketwired May 10, 2016) MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA ( MCOA or the Company ) (OTC PINK: MCOA), an innovative cannabis marketing and distribution company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Cannabis Career Institute ( CCI ) to develop a comprehensive library of cannabis and hemp education curriculum online that will be distributed through the Club Harmoneous Success Education Platform. CCI is one of the oldest and most established cannabis education institutions in the industry. CCI The post Marijuana Company of America Partners With Cannabis Career Institute to Develop Online Cannabis Education Platform appeared first on Public Wire.

Mentor Capital Releases Cannabis Index for Value Investors GW Pharma, Mentor Capital and Terra Tech lead in NASDAQ Comparison

December 11, 2015

Dec 11, 2015, MNTR, TRTC, GWPH OTC Disclosure & News Service San Diego, CA Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTCQB:MNTR) announces that the leaders in Mentor’s new Cannabis Index for Value Investors were Mentor Capital at (252%), Terra Tech (OTCQX:TRTC) at (86%) and GW Pharmaceuticals Plc. (NASDAQ: GWPH) at (33%) when compared to the NASDAQ average set at (100%). Sales plus book value were compared to market capitalization for leading marijuana stocks to establish this new marijuana stock index. “The Mentor Capital Cannabis Index for Value Investors, is intended to provide an alternative business value focused metric for investors to examine, as opposed to the plethora of share price tracking compilations common around cannabis stocks. Momentum, technical analysis, day trading and chart watching are susceptible to stock manipulation schemes while value investing is less so,” counsels Mentor CEO, Chet Billingsley. “Mentor Capital is pleased that our value focused investment approach has pa

North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. Reduces $1.2 Million in Convertible Debt and Enters Into Preliminary Agreement to Gain $1 Million Note Payable

November 10, 2015

Updated Analyst Report Anticipated To Follow Upcoming Quarterly Report DALLAS, November 10, 2015, USMJ, /PRNewswire/ North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) today announced reducing the Company s convertible debt by $1.2 million. The Company has also entered into a preliminary agreement anticipated to improve the balance sheet with the addition of a $1 million note payable in exchange for the sale of an asset associated with legacy operations. CEO Steven Rash anticipates additional balance sheet improvements from the mitigation, reduction and elimination of debt associated with the Company s legacy operations to be accomplished prior to the release of the upcoming quarterly financial statement and included in the report under subsequent events. Following the balance sheet improvements expected to be reported in the upcoming quarterly financial statement, the Company anticipates an updated analyst report from Caprock Research. The analyst authoring the recent original report init