Greengro Technologies, Inc. Acquires Bringing IoT Technology to Its Product Line

Company Now Offers a Revolutionary Way to Monitor Crop Health ANAHEIM,CA GRNH, (Marketwired Apr 26, 2016) Greengro Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: GRNH), a world class provider of ecofriendly green technologies, announced today that it has acquired, a revolutionary way to monitor crop health. The Grow Camera is a self-contained, WiFi enabled, five megapixel NDVI camera and temp/humidity sensor. It can be used with most modern DVR equipment that support networked cameras while also featuring monitoring capabilities through Android, iOS, or Windows devices using the mobile application. The Grow Camera NDVI technology is traditionally used in space imaging and weather satellites, and can be used to quantify vegetation health and provide an early indicator to problems in the grow room. As part of the acquisition, Greengro Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: GRNH) has also acquired technology to integrate temperature, humidity, CO2, pH, TDS, DO, and light sensors wit


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