Halitron, Inc. Acquires ArchivalPhotoPages.com

Company Completes Fourth Acquisition of 2016 NEWTOWN, CT HAON,  (Marketwired) 03/29/16 Halitron, Inc. (OTC: HAON), an equity holding company implementing a roll-up of sales, marketing, and manufacturing businesses, today is excited to announce the acquisition of ArchivalPhotoPages, a leading direct marketing brand, from Plastic Retail Displays, LLC. ArchivalPhotoPages is a brand that primarily sells archival-grade scrapbooking supplies like photo albums, photo pages, genealogy, stamp, and coin storage products that help preserve valuable contents for an extended period of time. The brand s target customer base includes scrapbookers, ancestry, and genealogy clubs along with pro-sumer photographers. In an asset acquisition, Halitron acquired a customer list totaling over 148,682 customers, the http://www.archivalphotopages.com website, and digital artwork files utilized for print and email blast campaigns. Eliazar Valdez Rosales, General Manager of Plastic Retail Displays, LLC, commented, The


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