KonaRed Announces Official Launch of its Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffees

Company reveals refreshing new health beverages on trend with an explosively growing sector in the coffee industry KOLOA, Hawaii, Jan. 5, 2016, KRED, /PRNewswire/ KonaRed Corporation (OTCQB: KRED), a pioneer of the coffee fruit category and manufacturers of antioxidant juices and nutritional supplements from the unique and exclusive Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® brand coffee fruit from Kona, Hawaii, today announced that it will begin rolling out its ready-to-drink cold brew coffees, available in 2 new delicious offerings in Original Signature Blend and Hawaiian Vanilla. KonaRed s new beverages, available in 12oz glass bottles, are refreshing, ready-to-drink coffees which blend premium coffee beans and Hawaiian coffee fruit. This innovative coffee beverage is like nothing seen before as it marries the benefits of Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® coffee fruit with a boost of caffeine from premium coffee beans. Cold brewed coffee is a new trend being labeled fourth generation coffee by the coffee industr


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