STW Resources Begins Initial Development of Company’s Newly Acquired Alternative Water Lease Near Imperial, Texas

Company Provides Update on Imperial, Texas (MRK) Lease and Its West Texas Water Project MIDLAND, Texas STWS, OTCQB,(BUSINESS WIRE) STW Resources Holding Corp (OTCQB: STWS) (“STW” or “the Company”), an integrated provider of water management, including water reclamation and remediation, and oilfield services, announced today that STW Water Process & Technologies, a subsidiary of STW Resources, has begun the development of its newly purchased brackish water lease in the Imperial, Texas area. This recently acquired water source is a key component in STW’s West Texas Water Project. The main purpose of the West Texas Water Project is to access “alternative” (other than fresh water) brackish water sources, process these sources to potable drinking water standards, and supply the fresh water to municipalities and industrial customers in west Texas. Phase I development for the MRK lease is expected to be completed by year-end. The objectives of this phase are to complete the sit


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