Double Crown Resources Announces A New $40 Million Projected Revenue Agreement for Copper Supply

Pilot Program Underway for Regular Shipments Planned Over the Next 36 Months HENDERSON, Nev, Nov. 16, 2015, DDCC, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Double Crown Resources, Inc. (DDCC), a fully reporting company, announces that a new mineral supply agreement has been negotiated for industrial shipments of cement copper slated for South Korea. Cement copper is used in the production of copper matte for the final preparation of refined copper and has many end-use applications. A letter of credit is in place to fund the initial pilot shipment. Upon the completed pilot delivery and its successful testing results, final details will be established on a proposed 36 month contract valued at $1.1 million per month, for a total gross revenue of over $40 million. This contract has the potential to increase significantly as the market demands. Double Crown management expects this supply order to be followed by a range of strategic mineral contracts with our South Korean client. Company CEO and Chairman Jerold S.


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