Iveda Gets Agreement for $1 Million Prepaid Sentir License

MESA, ARIZ OTC(Marketwired Nov 6, 2015) Iveda® (OTCQB: IVDA), worldwide enabler of cloud-based video surveillance and data management through licensing its Sentir® platform, today announced that Iveda signed an agreement with Nguyen Business & Investment CO., LTD. as its exclusive reseller in Vietnam. Iveda has received a deposit of $50,000 against a committed $1,000,000-prepaid Sentir license to be paid in full on or before December 15, 2015. Nguyen Business & Investment CO., LTD. is in the process of forming Iveda Vietnam CO., LTD. to be the operating entity to license the Sentir platform and purchase hardware such as Iveda s ZEE® plug and play cameras and IvedaHome cloud automation system. The IvedaMobile® app which leverages existing smartphones to stream live video will also be licensed country-wide by Iveda Vietnam to mobile phone providers. One public safety application recognized in Vietnam is that IvedaMobile allows the smartphone to act as a body camera, without the addi


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