Guided Therapeutics Expands China Rights Negotiations for LuViva® Advanced Cervical Scan to Three Potential Partners

Oct 27, 2015 OTC Disclosure & News Service Guided Therapeutics, Inc., GTHP, OTCQB, (OTCQB:GTHP), the maker of a rapid and painless testing platform based on its patented biophotonic technology, announced today that it is now negotiating with three groups for rights to sell LuViva in China and other Asian markets. The framework of the negotiations is an upfront licensing fee with ongoing royalties in exchange for exclusive right to market and sell LuViva and its single-patient-use disposables. In April, the company announced it had signed a letter of intent with an investor in the company to negotiate the exclusive distribution rights for LuViva in China. “Once it was announced that LuViva rights for China were in play, additional interested parties came to the table,” said Gene Cartwright, CEO and President of Guided Therapeutics. “As a result, we are now in discussions with those additional parties and are working toward a non-dilutive infusion of capital to secure the exclusiv

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