GAWK Global Reach Now 21 Countries and 31 Major Cities for Cloud and Edge Data Center Services

LOS ANGELES, CA GAWK, OTC PINK, (Marketwired Oct 20, 2015) GAWK, Inc. (OTC PINK: GAWK) announced the successful implementation of its Cloud and Edge Data Center Services offerings in 21 countries in addition to 31 major cities with 16 cities in the US. Scott Kettle, CEO of GAWK, Inc., said, GAWK has joined the OnApp Federation (, and consequently we can now compete with the all global giants, including Amazon, whose presence is in the same number of countries. This will increase our potential revenue significantly, while lowering our costs of doing business. Kettle added that the Company posted the best quarter, ending July 31, 2015, since its inception, reporting that revenue was up 952%. Kettle continued, In addition to our most recent customer win, HEMP, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP), this is another major step forward in our long range plans of acquiring data centers in Tier 2 cities, both locally and abroad, while offering a superior suite of services to our customers According


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