Soul and Vibe Releases “Spellbound,” a Multi-Track Music Single

Distribution for Soul and Vibe Music s Line of Soundtracks and Multi-Track Music Singles Expands to Include Microsoft Groove MINNEAPOLIS, MN SOUL, OTCQB, (Marketwired Oct 13, 2015) Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. (OTCQB: SOUL), or the Company, a video, mobile, and computer games publisher, today released Spellbound, an all-new multi-track music single published under its Soul and Vibe Musiclabel. Spellbound is the fourth multi-track music single, and the fifth music product, to be released by Soul and Vibe Music since its inception in late spring, 2015. The Spellbound multi-track music single expands upon the haunting theme that represents the overtaking of the village of Rickle Gilbin by a sisterhood of witches in SirVival, the Company s new game and intellectual property ( IP ). The Spellbound multi-track music single features The Witches of Swampthorne and the Village of Rickle Gilbin music track as it appears in the SirVival game, as well as four exclusive alternative mixes of the

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