Fuel Performance Solutions Raises $445,000 Through the Issuance of Two-Year 10% Non-Convertible Subordinated Notes

Sep 23, 2015 OTC Disclosure & News Service, OTCQB, IFUE,- Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. (“FPS” or the “Company”) (OTC QB: IFUE) announced today that it has raised $445,000 through the issuance of two-year 10% non-convertible subordinated notes. In addition, for each dollar invested, investors also received 10 warrants exercisable at $0.12 per share and 5 restricted shares of FPS common stock. The restricted shares of FPS common stock issued pursuant to the deal were non-dilutive to the Company’s existing shareholders as the shares were contributed from the personal holdings of FPS Directors. City of York Council to Commence a Usage Program with DiesoLiFTTM FPS also announced today that the City of York Council (U.K.) has joined forces with FPS distribution partner Unipart Rail to commence a usage program with DiesoLiFTTM, FPS’s proprietary fuel additive formulation for use with diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends. https://www.york.gov.uk/press/article/1470/york_firs


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