ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation Begins Shipping Ketopia

LINDON, Utah, September 22, 2015, OTCBB, FVRG, /PRNewswire/ ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation (OTCBB: FVRG), a leading direct marketing company and provider of health-centered products, today announced it commenced shipping Ketopia to the thousands of customers that have ordered the product. The surge of orders of the product following the prelaunch created the large backlog. Since July 10, when the product was introduced, ForeverGreen has received over $2.8 million worth of orders of the Ketopia products. The company is expected to be fully current on product shipments during the next two weeks. After the original backlog is resolved, products will be shipped on an as ordered basis and typically received by customers within 5-7 business days. Ketopia sales are expected to escalate during the coming months as the product line gains notoriety in the market place. We expect to see Ketopia sales rise now that fulfillment issues are getting resolved. Ketopia and our entire product line


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