Crystal Research Associates Issues Executive Informational Overview (EIO) on Catasys

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2015, OTCQB, CATS, /PRNewswire/  Crystal Research Associates, LLC announced today that it has issued an Executive Informational Overview® (EIO) on Catasys, Inc. (CATS-OTCQB). The full 56-page report is available on Crystal Research Associates website at Catasys, Inc. (or the Company ) provides big data–based analytics and predictive modeling–driven health management services for health plans. These services aim to improve member health while simultaneously lowering insurer costs for underserved populations. Catasys OnTrak™ integrated solutions serve individuals who have behavioral health disorders that exacerbate coexisting medical conditions, resulting in higher hospital admissions and emergency room (ER) visits. The Company has developed analytics for identifying which individuals on an insurance plan are high utilizers with impactable costs due to having behavioral conditions such as substance dependency or anxiety disorder. Catasys t

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