Mobeam Partners With Mobiquity Networks to Launch Retail’s First Fully Integrated Beacon-Barcode Shopping App That Geo-Targets Shoppers With Relevant Offers Redeemable Directly From Smartphones

Mobeam Will Integrate Mobiquity Networks Location-Based Software Into Its Beep nGo App With Mobile Barcode Beaming Technology and True Mobile Wallet Capabilities PALO ALTO, CA OTCQB, MOBQ,(Marketwired Sep 15, 2015)  Mobeam, the global leader in mobile barcode beaming technology, today announced it has finalized plans to partner with Mobiquity Networks, a subsidiary of Mobiquity Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: MOBQ), to integrate Mobiquity s location-based advertising and app engagement software into its Beep nGo app, enabling it to deliver highly targeted, barcoded offers to shoppers, which they can redeem at in-store checkouts directly from their smartphones. Mobeam s patented light-based beaming technology overcomes historical technical barriers and enables point of sale (POS) red laser scanners to read barcodes on Android mobile devices. Popular and emerging mobile payment apps rely on NFC or other technologies that communicate with credit card payment terminals, but not with scanners.


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