Consumers Are Spending More on Premium Spirits as ASCC Grows Its Distribution

Aug 04, 2015 OTC Disclosure & News Service, ASCC, OTCBB While the Aristocrat Group Corp. (OTCBB:ASCC) continues to focus on expanding distribution of its highly decorated distilled spirit, RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka, one of the industry’s most important leaders confirmed an encouraging trend last week: Americans are increasingly opting for premium spirits. CEO Ivan Menezes of Diageo, the maker of top brands such as Smirnoff and Ciroc, told CNBC on Thursday that American consumers are “drinking better” and trending towards top-shelf premium spirits in the current age of craft cocktails. Menezes’ comments confirm what ASCC has discovered across the country: Premium spirits are becoming the preferred choice for cocktail connoisseurs. ASCC CEO Robert Federowicz says that RWB Vodka has the company well-positioned to capitalize on the wave of interest in top-quality spirits. “RWB Vodka is one of the most highly decorated American spirits in the marketplace,” Federowicz


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