Neah Power Systems, Inc.: June 2015 Update to Shareholders – Continued Commercialization and Product Progress

BOTHELL, Wash., Jul. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Neah Power Systems, Inc. (NPWZ) (NPWZ) To Our Shareholders: As a supplement to our latest quarterly filing, and follow on to the previous letter to shareholders, I want to provide you with a brief report on the status of our Company operations as well as relate the progress achieved by our management in advancing efforts to commercialize, license and sell NEAH Power s industry leading technologies and products. Some of our other communication forums were not as effective, in our opinion, so we will communicate directly to you through monthly shareholder letters, as well as responding to valid queries directed to the Company ( Status of the Clear Path Teaming Agreement We recently reported a teaming agreement with Clear Path Technologies related to security and defense applications. We are pleased with the progress in deploying the Formira HOD technologies for a variety of applications in the MENA (Middle East North Africa)


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