Redux Holdings Announces Completion of Purchase of 20% of Priority 1 Signs

Jul 13, 2015 OTC Disclosure & News Service Wilmington, DE -Redux Holdings, Inc. (OTC: RDXH) is pleased to announce that the Company has executed a Contract to Purchase twenty percent (20%) of Volunteer Capital LLC d/b/aPriority 1 Signsâ (f/k/a BR Signs International) ( Priority 1 ), a leading Florida-based seller of custom commercial signs and manufacturer of commercial equipment in exchange for common stock in RDXH and a manufacturing agreement between RDXH and Priority 1. RDXH is the business of acquiring and commercializing unique technologies in the area of agriculture with an emphasis on sustainable food systems that are ecologically sound and may provide certain health benefits. The Company is marketing its A3 Vertical SystemÔ to farmers and selling produce to retailers in partnership with farmers. This investment in Priority 1 positions RDXH for more expansive commercial operations as it now has a dedicated manufacturer in Priority 1 and therefore an enhanced ability to deliv


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