Better Call Trades Announces its July Stock Pick –

INDUSTRY SECRETS Please take advantage of our free subscription. BCT is THE only live answer investor gateway to huge returns in the micro cap stock business. We will lift the veil on penny stock profits. We will tell you what every other stock touting company DOESN’T want YOU to know. Be in the deal before the action starts. BEFORE all the emails get sent out. BEFORE the rush of volume and price increase. Call us now to join our team 1-888-397-9990. Get ahead of the herd! Our stock coaches are standing by. NEXT BIGGEST DEAL BCT has an absolute winner on our hands we’d like to share with you before releasing the symbol to the masses. Get FLSR on your radar now! All the pieces are in place to turn FLSR into my biggest pick to date OTC: FLSR *FLSR is set to dominate the accessory market. With revolutionary new design their portable spittoons are a modern day approach to a classic device with great historic value. *FLSR offers the perfect solution to a much overlooked problem for mil


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