Dominovas Energy Signs Multi-Megawatt Agreement

ATLANTA, GA (Marketwired Jun 8, 2015) Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG), an energy-solutions company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, announces the execution of a 3MW, multi-year guaranteed Power Provider Agreement (PPA) to provide electricity to the City of David, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, via its proprietary RUBICON™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell system. The City of David is a public-private partnership (PPP), between the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and a private enterprise, which will comprise 3,000 homes, a hospital, health clinics, schools, malls, parks, food markets, sports centers, police stations, and waste treatment facilities across 8,000 hectares. The Project is being supported and promoted by the Governor of the State of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and represents the first of many efforts the Governor is pursuing across his State to increase the availability of affordable housing and social facilities. The State of Katang


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