GainClients, Inc. Launches Large Real Estate Company on its New SikkU GCard Service

TUCSON, Ariz., May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ GainClients, Inc. (GCLT) ( GainClients ) announced that it has successfully launched Wardley Real Estate ( Wardley ), located in Nevada, and its 275 agents onto its new SikkU GCard platform. Wardley management introduced its agents to the GCard during its semi-annual Technology Rally this past April and pays for each agent s account to ensure they have the cutting edge tools required to be successful. Wardley has been a long-term customer of GainClients and is the largest company on the new system to-date. We are very pleased to continue our relationship with the Wardley Real Estate Company on the new GCard platform, stated Ray Desmond, president and CEO of GainClients. The company s agents are about to discover a new way to connect with clients and professional partners to create new and lasting relationships as they occur in real life. According to Jeff Sommers, an owner and broker of Wardley, The GCard is a great solution for our company; it


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